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Whether your crew is clearing storm drains, striping, milling, or removing downed trees, Sonetics wireless headsets deliver rugged performance for demanding crews on tough jobs. The headsets perform in rain, heat, snow and mud. Count on talking with your crew no matter the conditions. Sonetics works with customers in industries like yours to engineer and deliver wireless headsets and communication systems that help you work smarter and safer. Hands-free, full duplex wireless headsets allow work crews to communicate in real time, just like a conference call. Scalable, expandable, reliable… Sonetics Wireless.

Wireless Headsets

DECT7 Wireless Headset with advanced hearing protection.

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DECT7 Wireless Headset with wireless bluetooth and advanced hearing protection.

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Base Stations

Wireless DECT7 Base Station

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DECT7 Wireless Portable Communication System

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