Our Remanufactured Process Systematically Goes Through Every Component and
Rebuilds the Equipment to“New Performance Standards”

Environmental Products provides a complete equipment overhaul with a “remanfactured” process for any sewer cleaner, sweeper or camera truck. The equipment is rebuilt to original equipment standards and is guaranteed by warranty. Contact us today about how we can remanufacture your “old” piece of equipment.

Sewer Cleaners

  • Hose Reel
  • Vacuum System
  • High Pressure Water Pump
  • Hydraulic System
  • Water Tanks Rebuild
  • Body Review & Work

Street Sweepers

  • Water System Checkup
  • Hydraulic System Checkup
  • Body Review & Work

Sewer Cameras

  • Camera Head Rebuilds
  • Crawler Body Rebuilds
  • Generator Servicing


  • before-1
  • before-2


  • after-1
  • after-2

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