Petersen Loader and Grapple Trucks

Family owned and operated since 1957, Petersen is the #1 grapple truck manufacturer building trash collection systems to meet a variety of needs. Petersen Industries, Inc. manufactures equipment for the trash, agricultural, arboricultural, and aggregate markets. Petersen products make even the toughest jobs easier.

The TL-3 is our most popular and versatile unit. A single operator can load, haul and dump trash with this unit.

The AL-1 Atlas Lightning Loader is a heavy duty grapple loader mounted onto a chassis from behind the cab, equipped with Petersen’s Big Bite bucket at the end of the boom. CNG Capable.

The Jack-of-all-trades loader, the Route Assistant incorporates a side-loading trough to the front of the dump body and can be a full-trough system or half-trough and cart tipper.

The RL-3 is great system for high volume route collection.

The rear-mounted RL-3 is designed for loading into attached trailers, or into separate haul trucks.

This model was designed to add efficiency to the container transport process – save on fuel and labor costs while moving more cans in less time!

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