PB Loaders and Asphalt Patchers

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PB Corporation was founded in 1956 with the introduction of the truck-mounted loader, which combined a dump truck and a loader into one unit. In the late 1960’s the company invented the pothole patcher and emulsion systems for use in asphalt patching. Today, PB offers a complete line of Truck-Mounted Loaders, Asphalt Patchers, Dump Bodies and Emulsion Sprayers.

Truck Loaders

A PB Loader combines a dump truck and a loader into one unit. It’s designed to load, haul and dump material with just one machine – so it saves operation costs, reduces manpower and lets you tackle a variety of jobs that would otherwise require several pieces of equipment.

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Asphalt Patchers

For over 45 years, PB has been designing quality pothole patchers that are durable, long-lasting and built for year-round patching operations. When you need a pothole patcher, look to PB. From truck-mounted patchers to dump body slip-in, hook lift mount and trailer models, PB makes patching a whole lot easier.

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Emulsion Sprayers

A PB Emulsion Sprayer has a pump type sprayer includes everything you need for tack coating.

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