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PB Corporation was founded in 1956 with the introduction of the truck-mounted loader, which combined a dump truck and a loader into one unit. In the late 1960’s the company invented the pothole patcher and emulsion systems for use in asphalt patching. Today, PB offers a complete line of Truck-Mounted Loaders, Asphalt Patchers, Dump Bodies and Emulsion Sprayers.

Asphalt Patchers

For over 45 years, PB has been designing quality pothole patchers that are durable, long-lasting and built for year-round patching operations. When you need a pothole patcher, look to PB. From truck-mounted patchers to dump body slip-in, hook lift mount and trailer models, PB makes patching a whole lot easier.

Patchers are fully equipped for complete asphalt patching and can be mounted on any chassis. Each unit is easy to operate, easy to maintain, and designed so that just one person can tackle patching jobs with just one machine. PB Patchers can also be used to repair road shoulders and utility cuts, as well as spread salt, sand and chippings.

These innovative asphalt patchers were designed with the budget-conscious municipality or contractor in mind. The most compact units currently available on the market, the B-1.5 and B-1.8 are designed for a lean 19,500lb (GVW) chassis. While still maintaining a potential asphalt payload of up to three tons, these mini patchers boast many of the same features of much larger models.

These quick response trailer units are an inexpensive way to get all your patching done. The trailer units are also a great option to get in a tight location.

Truck Loaders

A PB Loader combines a dump turck and a loader into one unit. It’s designed to load, haul and dump material with just one machine – so it saves operation costs, reduces manpower and lets you tackle a variety of jobs that would otherwise require several pieces of equipment.

Emulsion Sprayers

A PB Emulsion Sprayer has a pump type sprayer includes everything you need for tack coating.

  • Capacity: 132 gallons emulsion; 21 gallons solvent
  • Heating: Truck cooling system, 110 VAC overnight heater
  • Pump: Rotary, 20 GPM @ 50 PSI; Driven by truck hydraulic system
  • Capacity: 50 gallons emulsion
  • Heating: Truck cooling system
  • Pump:Truck air compressor system with 15 gallon auxiliary reservoir

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