Founded in 1993, Pacific Tek has established itself as an innovative pioneer in its industry. Pacific Tek valve exercisers and vacuum bodies offer everything you need to do a wide variety of vacuum excavation work and valve exercising. Choose from hydraulic, gas or diesel driven trucks, trailers or skid mounted units. Choose from a quick response trailered unit or a full sized chassis version. The large varieties of different tank sizes allows for a vacuum system for every budget. Valve exercising and vacuum excavating is easy with Pacific Tek.

Valve Exercisers

A track mounted valve exerciser for opening and closing underground valves. The unit can be mounted in various configurations, stowing width-wise or length-wise on a custom Pacific Tek trailer, flatbed service vehicle or dedicated single and tandom axle trailers. This unit can be powered from a separate hydraulic unit or vehicle driven one pump system.

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Vacuum Excavators

PV-500 “hi-output” “Power-Vac” with a water jet and air compressor used for digging, and model CD416 core drill for opening the pavement.

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Multi-Purpose Trailer Configurations

Get the most useful unit possible when you combine a vacuum excavator body, a value exerciser, water or air blaster for breaking up back debris. These very versatile trailers can be used in very hard to reach areas due to their smaller size.

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Truck Configurations

Pacific Tek has the capability to combine our “Power-Vacs” with water jets, air compressors, valve operators, core drills, truck beds, cranes, lifts, custom lighting, and storage to deliver complete truck mounted systems. Vacuum trucks are a good way of getting multiple uses out of your vehicles and also have a small profile in traffic.

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GIS Data Collection System

Fully Integrated Field Mapplet Software & Pacific Tek Valve Operator Schedule assign valves to be exercised to field crews based on any customized query, incuding valve exercise history and map grids.

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