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With Monroe, we offer a complete line of Snowplows, salt and sand Spreaders, Liquid Delivery Systems for anti-icing and pre-wet applications, Airport Snowplow and Liquid Systems and a host of hydraulic options to power your snow equipment.

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Monroe Snow and Ice offers many options that help you remove snow and ice from your roadways.

This versatile, general purpose full trip plow is best used for municipal, commercial, airport and off road plowing.

C-Style Torsion Trip

Used primarily in metropolitan areas, this sectional trip plow allows you to pass over an immovable object without losing the snow load — only the section hitting the object will trip.

J-Style Torsion Trip

This plow is best used in metropolitan areas. The curve of the moldboard casts the snow downward, reducing damage from thrown snow and avoids covering sidewalks & driveways. Spring tension is adjustable on the J-Style plow, whereas it is not adjustable on the C-Style Torsion Trip Edge.


Primarily used in rural areas, mountain passes, expressways and interstate highways, this plow is designed to discharge snow to the right or to the left, depending on the angle of the plow. Available in full trip or slotted trip.


The Monroe V-Plow provides a 10′ clearing path! Available in two intake/discharge heights: 42″ x 72″ or 56″ x 82″. Various truck hitch attachments to choose from.

One Way, High Speed Slotted

This plow is designed for high-speed use in rural paved areas with deep snow.


Monroe Snow and Ice offers many options for spreaders. There are options for slip in spreaders (V-Box), permanent mounted spreaders, salt and slurry spreaders which speed up and improve the reaction time, and the very easy to use tailgate spreaders.

Salt Slurry Generator

Increases salt volume by 25%. Brine process activates faster & helps material stay on the road surface. Available for the MCV V-Box Spreader & the RDS All-Season Body. This option yields more grains per square foot!!

Tailgate Spreaders

With a number of tailgate spreaders, Monroe has the feature you need. We offer: Under Tailgate Spreaders, Roll Style Spreaders, Replacement Tailgate Spreaders, and Rear Cross Conveyors

V-Box Spreaders

A V-box for the small municipality or contractor that does not require a large amount of snow and ice control. This unit is designed for use in pickups, platforms and small dump bodies. Available in mild or stainless steel, hydraulic or electric drive.

All Season Spreaders

The all-season spreader allows to work all year long spreading various types of material. Material can be discharged through the rear tailgate or the forward metering gate onto a spinner assembly or a front cross conveyor. Available in mild or stainless steel.

Liquid Systems

Pre-Wetting or Anti-Icing is a proactive approach to snow & ice control. Systems can be coupled with already in service vehicles over the fenders or behind the cab.

Pre-Wet Systems

Pre-wetted salt works faster and at lower temperatures than dry salt, with less waste. Instead of bouncing off the road or being swept away by traffic like dry salt, pre-wetted salt clings to the slippery roadway. Using less salt saves money and is better for the environment. Several systems are available to accommodate your application.

Anti-Icing Systems

Anti-Icing is a proactive approach to snow & ice control. It is used in areas where liquid chemicals could be applied early enough, prior to precipitation, to prevent snow or ice from bonding on road surfaces. Anti-Icing makes cleanup quicker, reduces labor hours and reduces wear on snow removal equipment.

Vegetation Control & Street Flusher Systems

Management of vegetation is an important element of roadside maintenance for safety and aesthetics. Standard and custom designed systems are available to fit your specific needs.

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